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Silver River Report

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Report By:  darkknight    Date: 8/21/2010 
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Silver RIver from Ray's Wayside to Silver Springs State Park

My Report:

***Saturday September 4th...Added new photos to my previous report. The conditions did not change so did not think a new report was necessary. Lots of big gators this time, that was the only difference. GREAT PADDLE!!!!***

Saturday August 21st paddled the Silver River from Ray’s Wayside. Had a late start but enjoyed a beautiful day at a beautiful river. We put in at 11:30AM. A group of 6 canoes were landing at that time. I asked them if they saw monkeys and they said no. As soon as we left the canal that leads to Silver River had to let two jet skis(spelling please) coming from downstream go ahead. As soon as they saw us the leader reduced the speed and as soon as they left us behind did speed up. You could hear the noise coming from up river. No more than five minutes after that a boat I heard a boat coming from down river and again we had to move to the side to let the boater pass and then heard another one coming. At that point I wanted to turn around and go back home.

It was when we saw our first gator. While we waited in the side, with me holding a log to stay put a small gator came out of the water. My wife took the first pic of this report. But then the other boat came and the wakes hit the log where it was with too much force and the gator went under. I changed my mind about turning back and continued up river. I was hoping to be able to take pics of the famous Silver River monkeys and that kept me excited. We had a wonderful time and saw so many turtles in logs, Wood Ducks, Blue Herons, Ibis, Cormorants, and Anhingas everywhere. My wife also took pics of some flowers.

We found the jet skis at one side of the river to our left. The occupants were in the water. Somebody explain this to me. How can you, knowing that there are gators and gator’s attacks in the river let your little 2~3 years old kid play in the water far from you? They probably know more than I do. We went upstream stopping to take pics of whatever my wife wanted to. I saw a mid-sized gator paddled upstream for a few seconds and told my wife to get the camera ready. We took some decent pics of it. Not too far away from there, at an indentation, two of the boaters that passed us were having a picnic with grills and everything. I thought that it was not allowed in the forest. They were even using the swing rope and playing Tarzan in the river. Talking about Tarzan, we saw no monkeys. Sad We saw large group of ladies in kayaks. That was our second group of the day. The first one was a family in 4 kayaks.

After many pics stops we arrived at the Silver Springs State Park around 3:00PM. We went around the park waters dodging the glass bottom boats and shooting pics. My wife saw a huge gator right at the middle of the river/lagoon in a vegetated area and asked me to turn back for pics. I saw it and turned the yak around when saw a boat going to that same area. I waited for the boat to be out of the way hoping it did not scare the gator. Well. It did scare the gator. As soon as the boat went by the gator was not there anymore. I decided to look for it. The water is so clear that if it was in the bottom we were supposed to able to see it. We did not find it. At 3:30PM we had to finish our expedition and turn back to Ray’s Wayside because one of our kids called us saying he needed a ride to an activity in church.

I was counting on a relaxing float downstream but instead had to work hard. We heard a weird noise coming from the forest and I truly think it was a monkey but, again, I was in a hurry and did not investigate. A kingfisher teased us for a while on our downstream journey. We made it back to Ray’s shortly before 5PM and drove back home. We will be back. That was one of our best paddles so far. Smile If only the boats or JS were not there would had been perfect.

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Moderate
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 8
Fees/Costs $: 5

Photos from Silver River:    (Click image to view full size)

Scenic view No Comm
Scenic view
Gator in a log No Comm
Gator in a log
Anhinga No Comm
Little gator No Comm
Little gator
Close Up No Comm
Close Up
Cormorant No Comm
Careful down there!! No Comm
Careful down there!!
Act of balance No Comm
Act of balance
Cormorants & anhinga No Comm
Cormorants & anhinga
Batman & Robin No Comm
Batman & Robin
Theme park view No Comm
Theme park view
Spring bottom No Comm
Spring bottom

This is part of what people see from the boats

Almost perfect No Comm
Almost perfect

Missed part of its snout but I like that pic

Long line No Comm
Long line
Blue Heron No Comm
Blue Heron
Blue Heron & Turtle No Comm
Blue Heron & Turtle
Soft Shell Turtle No Comm
Soft Shell Turtle
River Flora I No Comm
River Flora I
River Flora II No Comm
River Flora II
River Flora III No Comm
River Flora III
Three Amigos No Comm
Three Amigos
Underwater friends No Comm
Underwater friends
A nice gator pic No Comm
A nice gator pic
A Tarzan movie like No Comm
A Tarzan movie like

Without the yaks and canoes, of course

Two for One No Comm
Two for One

Great Blue Heron and company

Big gator I No Comm
Big gator I
The look No Comm
The look

Dude...You are too close for comfort...yours or mine. Would you please back off?

Female Anhinga No Comm
Female Anhinga
Big gator II No Comm
Big gator II

Post Date: 9/5/2010

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