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Rock Springs Run Report
(Rock Springs Run from Wekiwa)

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Report By:  darkknight    Date: 8/27/2010 
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Rock Springs Run from Wekiwa Springs. The Run is blocked. A tree is all over it before the primitive camps, if you are going upstream.

My Report:

Today we went to Wekiwa State Park to kayak the Rock Springs Run. The Run is about half a mile down stream from the spring.

Put in early for us, about 8:40AM, the second boat in the water. The first boat, another tandem, was heading to Katie's Landing I believe. Lots of Green and Tri Colored Herons were in the Wekiwa Lagoon. A gator was resting in the hydrilla and went under as soon as we approached. Few minutes later a mid-sized gator was just floating in the vegetation. Wifey started to take some pics when I realized a baby gator was coming toward Mama so we kept our distance. Mama gator looked mean. It was cool to hear the little gator. That was a sound we have only heard in the Discovery Channel shows. The little guy/gal went to hide on the edge of the river and we left. We try not to disturb the wildlife if we can avoid that and if that wildlife its a mean Mama Gator...exactly.

There were not too many people in the river. A kayaker came towards the springs and a lady paddled by us downstream. We crossed paths again when we took a left towards the Rock Springs Run. There was no one on The Run but us. I was not expecting to see anybody coming down and my plan was to turn around at one of the primitive camps. We left the first open area into the second covered area. We saw no deers or bears. I thought that maybe it was a matter of time. We saw an owl, an osprey, ibis, Great Egrets, A Blue & Great Blue Heron and a tiny yellow bird I do not know the name.

My wife asked me to stop for a break and we did so just to find a tree across the run blocking the way upstream. I was very dissapointed and turn around to go back to Wekiwa. I do not have an idea how far from the camps we were. So if you have plans to kayak The Run all the way up to King's Landing this week-end...Not going to happen unless you jump over the tree. Saw another kayaker coming up and told him The Run was blocked.

We made it back to the Wekiva River and kayaked to the bridge before Wekiva Island. We saw an otter and another gator in the are. Also a soft shell turtle, after never seen one in previous trips that was the second one in consecutive trips. On our way to Wekiwa Springs some canoes from Wekiwa Island came making so much noise we stepped to the side and let them go. It was very cloudy and we did not stop at the lagoons for pics as we usually do.

On our way home we drove around the park and then saw a buck an some does. Not a great trip but not too bad. Remember...if you are planning on kayaking The Run this week-end be aware it is blocked.

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Location Data:

Distance (miles): 5
Fees/Costs $: 6

Photos from Rock Springs Run from Wekiwa:    (Click image to view full size)

Tri Colored Heron No Comm
Tri Colored Heron
Mama Gator No Comm
Mama Gator
Baby gator No Comm
Baby gator
Scenes No Comm

Just a sample of how scenic the Wekiwa River is.

Great Blue Heron No Comm
Great Blue Heron
Cardinal No Comm
Soft Shell Turtle No Comm
Soft Shell Turtle
Young Blue Heron No Comm
Young Blue Heron

View from the yak

Young Blue Heron No Comm
Young Blue Heron

Post Date: 8/27/2010

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