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Silver River Report

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Report By:  flkrakr    Date: 10/10/2010 
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A beautiful spring fed river from the headspring at Silver Springs Attraction

My Report:

Make sure you eat your wheaties and bring your wheelies before paddling the Silver River....especially if you launch at the Silver River State Park!! It's about a half mile hike with your kayak to the launch point.

Our group of 12 launched at the state park and paddled upstream to the headsprings at th Silver Springs park. It was a gorgeous day, not a cloud in the sky (which made for some really bad glare in my pictures) and beautiful clear water.
There was quite a bit of aquatice wildlife to be seen...alligators, turtles, monkeys (yes, really). I spotted, but didn't get pictures of a soft-shelled turtle sunning himself on top of a grass bed.

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Moderate
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 3
Fees/Costs $: $6.00

Photos from Silver River:    (Click image to view full size)

around the bend Restricted
around the bend

Just around the bend from the launch at SRSP.

teal-winged duck Restricted
teal-winged duck


sunning turtles Restricted
sunning turtles


just a nibble Restricted
just a nibble

turtle with a hole in his shell, probably from a gator trying to get a meal

big yawn Restricted
big yawn
cormorant Restricted
monkey in a tree Restricted
monkey in a tree
surprised monkey? Restricted
surprised monkey?
Wemade it! Restricted
Wemade it!

Headsprings of the Silver River

uw shot of me Restricted
uw shot of me

Headsprings of the Silver River

waving shadow Restricted
waving shadow

wonderfully clear water

snapping turtle Restricted
snapping turtle

Post Date: 10/10/2010

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