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Rock Springs Run Report
(Wekiwa Springs State Park)

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Report By:  jlstephens08    Date: 1/16/2011 
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Launched from Wekiwa State Park and make our way up the Rock Springs Run.

My Report:

I have come to Green Wave Forums for a long time for information regarding Kayak trips. I figured it was about time I start contributing in some manner. As such, I've decided to give a report of my recent trip to Rock Springs Run.

The first thing to point out is that the Apopka, Wekiva, Rock Springs, Wekiwa, confusion is still something I'm having difficulty with. According to the signs my friend and I followed, we came from New Smyrna on I-4 and got off at exit 94, heading west to Wekiwa Springs Road and turned right. When we got to the park entrance we were told there was no parking for trailers. We decided we'd make it work somehow and headed in. Let me state here that there is indeed room for small trailers. We were able to pull into the parking lot and have enough room for the trailer too. The spaces were very deep. My trailer is small though, so I suppose it is relative.

Anyway, we trucked our way to the launch area... whew I need another kayak cart... didn't expect the long walk... and once we were on the water we started heading East.

By now the guest I had brought along, Zach, was slightly confused as to where we actually were. I had told him Rock Springs Run but we hadn't seen anything to say that was where we were. Until about a quarter mile down... when we came to a sign that said Rock Springs <-- and Wekiva -->

So there we were, finally on the Rock Springs Run. The trip from there out was reminiscent of Juniper Springs. The water was shallow, the current was quick, and we saw several deer and an alligator poking his head out of the water (it was cold so I didn't expect to see any). Our progress was slow going... one of the yaks was a 10 foot Old Town that felt like paddling a bathtub... when I was still a beginner I had loved that boat; after I had moved to a Wilderness Systems Pungo 120, the old one felt uncomfortable at best. Still, it did its job as requested and earned its stripes on many occasions. It just wasn't the right boat for this trip.

We made it up to the two camp sites that are accessible only by boat. One of them was being used by a rowdy group that seemed to be having a lot of fun. At "Big Buck Camp" we got out and stretched our legs before heading back downstream. It was the return trip that reminded us of the current we had been fighting on the way up. We made the return trip in half the time.

We had only seen two other kayakers on our trip up the Run but on the way back we found ourselves passing boat after boat after boat. It was only about 3:30 when we got back to the park but we didn't expect to see so many people just getting started.

For the ease of access and the $6.00 price, the trip is well worth it. As I said it is reminiscent of Juniper Springs, which is a fun paddle if you're willing to coordinate a plan with another driver or pay $25 for transport from the takeout.

In my opinion, this was one of the best paddles I've made so far in my kayaking career.
I'll be returning soon!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to give feedback so that I can do better with the next report!

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Moderate
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 7
Fees/Costs $: 6.00

Photos from Wekiwa Springs State Park:    (Click image to view full size)

Rock Springs Run Restricted
Rock Springs Run

Our return trip was a lot easier since we rode the current back.

Break Time Restricted
Break Time

The ride back left us with time to relax.

Deer! Restricted

I was surprised that we saw more deer than we did gators. It seems off balance.

More Deer! Restricted
More Deer!

They attempted to hide behind the tree... it didn't work.

Otter Camp Restricted
Otter Camp

This was one of the two campsites that are only accessible by boat. I want to go camping!

Straight Restricted

A nice clear stretch.

The Kayak Trailer Restricted
The Kayak Trailer

A fusion of an old boat trailer, plywood, and Yakima Kayak holders, this trailer is simply the best.

The Water Restricted
The Water

This picture pretty much sums up why Rock Springs is a great paddle. It just feels... clean.

Post Date: 1/18/2011

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