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Wekiva River Report
(Lower Wekiva River)

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Report By:  darkknight    Date: 3/6/2011 
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An unplanned paddling trip to one of the most beautiful rivers you can paddle

My Report:

We did not have any plan to go out kayaking Saturday. When my wife proposed me to go out kayaking it took me 3milliseconds to say yes.

Anyways, we were at Katie's Landing at 9:50 and in the water at 10:00. If you have read previous reports of us you know that this area just in front of the put in has plenty of wildlife and you can easily spent an hour there. We spent about 40 minutes. No glossy ibis or eagles this time but plenty of wildlife to keep my lovely photographer happy. The highlight was a sandhill crane nesting.

There were not too many kayakers in the river. We saw one going north, the same direction as us, and two more fishing. The problem was the number of motor boats. Too many of them. Even with that situation we saw a fair amount of gators of all sizes. At one bend there were two of them and it is my suspicion that are the same two we have captured in pics before. But who knows. They all look the same Smile

We turned around at 1:00PM and took us two hours and 15 ~ 20 minutes to get back to Katie's Landing. It was sunny sometimes, very cloudy other times and windy all the time but at when we arrived at the take out. Then it was completely calm. Another great day on the Lower Wekiva River despite the motor boats. They have the same right to enjoy the river anyways but I hate all the noise they make. It is not compatible with the beauty of mother nature there.

Pics include almost all the wildlife forms we saw but red shouldered hawks and a black crowned night heron. These two were not pic friendly on this trip. The link will take you to my blog where I posted some more pics, different from the ones here, and another link to Lower Wekiva photo album.

Views From Our Kayak

See you soon from another kayaking place in Florida.

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Moderate
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 6
Fees/Costs $: 3.00

Photos from Lower Wekiva River:    (Click image to view full size)

Anhinga No Comm
Moorhens No Comm
Great Blue Heron No Comm
Great Blue Heron
Great Egret No Comm
Great Egret
Ibis No Comm
Killdeer No Comm
Limpkin No Comm
Osprey's chow time No Comm
Osprey's chow time
Red Bellied woodpckr No Comm
Red Bellied woodpckr
Red Winged Bckbrd No Comm
Red Winged Bckbrd
Nesting No Comm

A nesting Sandhill Crane

Snowy Egret No Comm
Snowy Egret
Tri Colored Heron No Comm
Tri Colored Heron
Turkey No Comm
Turtle No Comm
Woodstork No Comm
Scene at Katie's No Comm
Scene at Katie's
Belted Kingfisher No Comm
Belted Kingfisher
Gator No Comm
Lazy one No Comm
Lazy one
Terrible eyes No Comm
Terrible eyes
Huge Gator No Comm
Huge Gator
Big Gator No Comm
Big Gator
Little gator No Comm
Little gator
Tiny gator No Comm
Tiny gator
Sunning gator No Comm
Sunning gator
Wekiva River view No Comm
Wekiva River view
Bald Eagle No Comm
Bald Eagle

Bonus coverage. Not taken in the river but on our way there.

Scenes No Comm
Looking up No Comm
Looking up

Post Date: 3/6/2011

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