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Silver River Report
(Sliver River)

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Report By:  darkknight    Date: 3/18/2011 
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A Triple M paddle in one of the most beautiful rivers in Florida.

My Report:

Triple M stands for Magnificent, Marvelous and Memorable. Thought that Triple M was better than using Triple X (X-cellent, X-traordinary, and X-pectacular). Wink

We put in at Ray's Wayside around 10:30 AM last Friday. The weather was really nice but traffic was really heavy. Lots and lots of motor boats and, sadly, an airboat too. I am not in the insulting people business but; What kind of person takes an airboat to Silver River? It looked so out of place and I was not the only one who thought the guy was an...OK...was out of place. To make things worst he was bragging about the horse power of his machine accelerating for no good reason. Tell me what you brag about and I will tell you what you lack of. Angry

Back to what is really important, the trip was incredible. To give you a big picture, it involved gators, lots of birds, monkeys, and a....I am not telling you this last one. Click here to get more details... Views From Our Kayak Smile

It also involved an unplanned diving expedition by my wife. Confused

Two things have me worry right now. People are feeding the monkeys are they are not shy coming close to people. At least we learned our lesson. I am sure my wife missadventure was good enough. If you have not read our blog, wifey ended up on the water while avoiding an angry monkey. We saw at least three motor boats passengers feeding the monkeys.

Also I do not think that the boats operators at the State Park are doing a good job warning people about not to feed the darn gators. I posted a video showing what happened at the State Park area. I tried to post a video here but did not work. Check my blog to see it.

Until my nextreport.


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Location Data:

Difficulty: Moderate
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 8
Fees/Costs $: 5.00

Photos from Sliver River:    (Click image to view full size)

Anhinga No Comm
Black Crowned No Comm
Black Crowned

Black Crowned Night Heron

Coots No Comm
Cormorant No Comm
Gator No Comm
Great Egret No Comm
Great Egret
Red Shouldered Hawk No Comm
Red Shouldered Hawk
Ibis No Comm
Inmature Ibis No Comm
Inmature Ibis
Limpkin No Comm
Little Blue Heron No Comm
Little Blue Heron
Manatee No Comm

Silver River Manatee

Manatee No Comm

Silver River Manatee

Monkey No Comm

Silver River Monkey

Moorhen No Comm
Pie-billed Greebe No Comm
Pie-billed Greebe
Scene at Ray's No Comm
Scene at Ray's

Canal leading to Silver River

Under the water No Comm
Under the water

Two turtles swim on the clear Silver River waters near one of the springs

Yellow Crowned NH No Comm
Yellow Crowned NH

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

YNNH No Comm

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

Gator No Comm
Manatee No Comm
Manatee No Comm

Post Date: 3/19/2011

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