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Blackwater River Report
(Blackwater 3rd leg)

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Report By:  thlhbrit    Date: 3/12/2011 
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A great trip with friends

My Report:

"the girls"
Want to go camping for the weekend since our Madi Gras plans got cancelled. Grabbed two coworkers and the hubby and went out. We set up camp early to reserve our spot. and got in the water later than planned. the water level was over a foot higher than normal, what everyone called flooded but we called enjoyable. not sandbars to deal with, no crazy currents, not trees hiding under the water that we could feel. the trip took us 3 1/2 hrs which by hour 3 we were wondering when it was going to end. we started way too late and the sun was going down. brought the dogs with us for their first kayak outting and they loved it. they both took spills into the water but had thier life vest on. they found out the water was cold and didnt do it again. our campsite was perfect. had a campfire and smores and left the next morning.

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Easy
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 10
Fees/Costs $: 0

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"the girls" Restricted
"the girls"

These are my two kids on their first camping/kayaking trip.

Post Date: 3/28/2011

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