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Chipola River Report
(Yancey to Magnolia)

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Report By:  pnerissa    Date: 4/4/2011 
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Relaxing float down the Chipola River

My Report:

8 paddlers turned out bright and early for a relaxing float trip down the Chipola River. Being as it was a Monday I had to take a "sick" day in order to manage it. I was sick alright... with paddle fever and as everyone well knows, it can only be cured by paddling a kayak or canoe.

I'd never been on the Chipola before unless you count the previous day's paddling on the upper Chipola within the state park. Both trips were nice and just what the doctor ordered even though the water was muddy from a heavy rain from a few days earlier.

I have a couple of favorites about each section... in the upper section I enjoyed the Baltzell Spring group and on the lower section I enjoyed the prospect of exploring the Ovens (I'll have to come back armed with a flashlight) and Maund Spring. I also enjoyed our picnic stop at the Hinson Conservation and Recreation Area to which I will now share my amusing story.

There are no port-a-potties or restrooms at the Hinson picnic area so off I went in search of adequate cover so that I might water some flowers. I had just pulled up my shorts and taken a single step back onto a trail and instinctively froze when I spotted a snake. Being an avid reptile and amphibian lover (I have 3 corn snakes and a ball python at home) I identified my little peeping tom as a Southern Black Racer and I eased my camera out to get some really awesome pictures. A bit later on I managed to get pics of a Gray Rat Snake perched on some tree roots along the river bank.

After leaving Hinson we stopped off at Maund Spring where Frances and a couple of the girl's took the chilly plunge. I prefer water temps around 85 degrees so I just floated around and snapped pictures of everyone else enjoying themselves.

Kudos to Frances for leading this wonderful trip. I even got a volunteer to test out my never-before-used-kayak-pump. I'm sure he overturned his kayak just so he could test it out for me. Wink

I'll upload photos in a minute. A complete album of the trip can be found on my Flickr page at

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Easy
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 10
Fees/Costs $: free

Photos from Yancey to Magnolia:    (Click image to view full size)

Yancey Put-in Restricted
Yancey Put-in

Paddlers getting ready to shove off

Easy Float Trip Restricted
Easy Float Trip
Chipola River Restricted
Chipola River
Dunking Time Restricted
Dunking Time

A little spill.

Kayak Pump Test Restricted
Kayak Pump Test

Works like a charm.

He's Okay! Restricted
He's Okay!

A little wet, but none the worse for wear.

Beautiful Scenery Restricted
Beautiful Scenery

Vibrant green grass along the riverbank.

Fringe Tree Restricted
Fringe Tree

Grancy Graybeard Fringe Trees in full bloom.

Nearing the Ovens Restricted
Nearing the Ovens

Paddlers begin their approach to the cave system.

The Ovens Restricted
The Ovens

The Ovens Cave.

Hinson Picnic Area Restricted
Hinson Picnic Area

Hinson Conservation and Recreation Area

Greenways Sign Restricted
Greenways Sign

Hinson Conservation and Recreation Area

Peeping Tom Restricted
Peeping Tom

Southern Black Racer

Southern Black Racer Restricted
Southern Black Racer

I wonder what he told his friends...

Hinson Boat Ramp Restricted
Hinson Boat Ramp

Leaving the picnic area

Maund Spring Run Restricted
Maund Spring Run

Entrance to the spring run

Frances dives in Restricted
Frances dives in

Frances takes the plunge into Maund Spring

Frances Restricted

Interesting above and below shot.

Flame Azaela Restricted
Flame Azaela

Beautiful wild Azaelas line the riverbanks.

Gray Rat Snake Restricted
Gray Rat Snake

Beautiful Gray Rat Snake in search of a drink.

Gray Rat Snake Restricted
Gray Rat Snake

Closeup of Gray Rat Snake

Spring Creek Restricted
Spring Creek

One of the group heads up Spring Creek

Limestone Formations Restricted
Limestone Formations
Multistory Treehouse Restricted
Multistory Treehouse

5 or 6 story treehouse attached to main house via rope bridge. Pretty cool.

Magnolia Landing Restricted
Magnolia Landing

End of the line for today's trip

Boat Ramp Restricted
Boat Ramp

Magnolia boat ramp

Hydraulic Lift Restricted
Hydraulic Lift

Thule hydraulic kayak lift system. SWEET!!!

Redshouldered hawk Restricted
Redshouldered hawk

Saw this beauty while on the river.

Post Date: 4/9/2011

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