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Report By:  darkknight    Date: 4/9/2011 
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From Wekiwa Springs to Buffalo Tram primitive camp site

My Report:

Today did a solo paddle. My wife had things to do and did not come with me. My plan was to paddle all the way from Wekiwa to Rock Sprigs. She does not like RSR too much because it is narrow. My plan came to an end when found a tree blocking the run way before the first open area. Angry So, there was a change of plans and did paddle to Buffalo Tram, which I found by pure luck.

It was not an ideal paddle. Too many clowns in the water today. Do not think that is a paddle I will do again on spring or summer weekends. Too crowded. Do not have problem with people but do have problems with drunk people.

It was not a typical Wekiva River day but still a decent good day. Have had better days in this place but there no such a thing like a bad day in the rive, especially in the Wekiva River.

Here is a link to my blog. I posted more details there and even a rant aobut this trip. Views From Our Kayak - Wekiva RIver

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Moderate
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 8
Fees/Costs $: 4.00

Photos from Wekiva River:    (Click image to view full size)

Wekiva Springs Scene No Comm
Wekiva Springs Scene

Wekiva Springs lagoon

Little Blue Heron No Comm
Little Blue Heron
The Beauty and... No Comm
The Beauty and...

the kayaker

Green Heron No Comm
Green Heron
Gator No Comm

One of the few I saw.

Turtle No Comm
Mr. Wood Duck No Comm
Mr. Wood Duck
Cardinal No Comm
Cardinal No Comm
Limpkin No Comm
Gator No Comm
Speaker No Comm
Little ones No Comm
Little ones
Carolina Wren No Comm
Carolina Wren

If someone can find a better description please let me know

Post Date: 4/9/2011

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