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Rock Springs Run Report

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Report By:  krisharney    Date: 4/30/2011 
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Too much traffic from Wekiwa Island, too many drunken paddlers

My Report:

My kids, girlfriend, and I loaded up the kayaks, and headed to Wekiwa State Park to enjoy a paddle up to Kings Landing and back again. I'll preface this with stating that we haven't paddled this area of the Wekiwa for years. I prefer Hontoon area.

We arrived at 0930, picked up a tandem kayak for the kids (we are still in kayak acquisition mode). Launched around 1030. The trail down to the launch was steep and precarious. The distance quite far - I'd estimate a few hundred yards. The launch point could use a drop off point ...

The launch was chaotic with people trying to get themselves situated.

We began the paddle towards the "V". Encountering a few people. I figured it was going to be a relaxing and quiet paddle. Oh, how wrong I was.

We got about a mile down the run when we began encountering the first of several large drunken groups from Wekiwa Island/King Landing. The narrow twisting turns and shallows of the Run were not meant for this type of traffic. Several places were glutted with inexperienced paddlers attempting to navigate. We had to rescue several people along the way.

Eventually, we stopped in a shady area for lunch, and decided not to finish the Run. Traffic was so heavy that we barely made the half way point after 3 hours of paddling.

As we headed back, my girlfriend was slammed into by a run away canoe. Tipped her over. The people were apologetic, and she was good spirited about it.

As we approached a particularly twisty, shallow, narrow area; we heard the din of a large group. Nearing it, we found about 20 canoes and kayaks tethered together on both sides of the river - leaving a gap barely wide enough to safely navigate the swift current. The people were drinking and had several small children splashing about. We nearly hit a kid no more than 5 as he dove in front. And these people who were the cause of the dangerous situation had the nerve to yell and heckle us and another group trying to maneuver their children and boats.

We made it back to the "V" to be met with throngs of rentals crashing into one another. I was rammed by a pair of young women in a canoe. The one in the rear was too busy chatting on her cell phone. Her companion apologized profusely.

Needless to say; I doubt that I will be back, and will stick to Hontoon and my other haunts.

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Moderate
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Fees/Costs $: 6

Post Date: 5/2/2011

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