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Wekiva River Report
(Katie's Landing - Lower Wekiwa)

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Report By:  krisharney    Date: 5/21/2011 
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Gorgeous and quiet launch

My Report:

After reading Darkknight's trip journals; we decided to check the place out. Neither of us had been in this area for about 20 years.

We paid our $3 parking fee, and drove down to the drop off. There were a few other vehicles, but no one to be found - probably early fishermen.

The launch site was gorgeous.

After unloading the boats, we set out south. Our original plan was to head north, but we didn't get there until around noon, and neither of us felt like fighting the current back in the middle of the day's heat.

Our paddle was peaceful, and full of wildlife. Loads of fish and turtles. I was surprised that we didn't see any gators along the way.

We got down to the bridge on cr 46, and we met up with some power boaters reaking havoc. Fortunately, they really were the only obnoxious guests on the river that day.

We decided to head for Wekiva Falls, and grab some refreshment at the tiki bar. We encountered a few rentals, and beached. Our brief respite over, we decided to go a ways further south.

We finally saw our first gator of the day! I almost ran over him as we rounded a bend. He was fortunately amenable at the encounter. Holding his ground and grinning a toothy smile at me.

We decided to turn around, and take a lazy float back to Katie's Landing.

A beautiful day, with my beautiful lady on the river :)

Definitely planning to return to Katie's.

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Easy
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Kayak
Distance (miles): 10
Fees/Costs $: 3

Post Date: 5/23/2011

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