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Blackwater River Report
(Kennedy Bridge)

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Report By:  bald56gle    Date: 4/15/2012 
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Even with the low water level today (USGS-Blackwater at Baker-1.40)-the upper Blackwater had a few fishing holes with fish in them but...

My Report:

The reason for my post is to alert paddlers to the very large logjam on this section and the potential for a few more. There are at least three other areas that could plug up once another storm or high water hits this section. The jam is so bad that paddlers have started a trial on river right through the woods. It is a good long carry to get around the jam but the path is fairly clear. The jam is approximately half way down this section from Kennedy Bridge to Peaden Bridge. It is downstream from an access point on river left but still above Mare Creek. I hope this helps paddlers with their decision to try this section or not...

The river itself was beautiful-low, clear and sandy bottom. The flowers were blooming and the day was really great for floating. Have to admit this would not be for everyone-river was very low-took skill to manuver through the deepest areas to stay afloat.

Great Paddling,
Chris and Rebecca with traveling partners Bruce and Carolyn

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Location Data:

Difficulty: Moderate
Location Type: River
Boat Type: Canoe
Distance (miles): 5-6
Fees/Costs $: n/a

Post Date: 4/15/2012

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