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This section of our website contains user contributed content. We have 930 reports and 9,343 photos filed since 1/18/2005. Reports are organized by location, with one or more locations in each region. Be sure to try the Export GPS Data feature if you use Google Earth or a GPS unit.

Hottest Paddling Locations

  1. Econfina Creek
  2. Silver River
  3. Wekiva River
  4. Chipola River
  5. Blackwater River
  6. Weeki Wachee River
  7. Haulover Canal
  8. Hillsborough River
  9. Rock Springs Run
  10. Boiling Creek

Recently Updated

  1. East Greenland, 12/24/2016
  2. Holmes Creek, 11/18/2016
  3. Weeki Wachee River, 7/22/2016
  4. Fort Pierce Inlet State Park, 6/3/2016
  5. Santa Fe River, 5/22/2016
  6. Alapaha River, 5/22/2016
  7. Withlacoochee River (North), 5/22/2016
  8. Shoal River, 4/14/2016
  9. St Marys River, 3/19/2016
  10. Thomas Creek, 3/11/2016

Recent Trip Reports

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gecko / Bull Slough Bridge to Brooklyn

ehret1237 / Silver River

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