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Rock Springs Run

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Rated by experts as the best paddle in Central Florida. OK, by one "Expert". Me. I think it is the best paddle in the State, and I've covered a lot of territory. Read the reports, view the photos, or better yet, paddle it yourself.

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 4.5 / 5

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 Date: 4/12/2017
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 8.5Photos: 12 
(Rock Spring Run) Overnight kayak/camping at Otter Camp on Rock Spring Run

   Read tioti's report

 Date: 4/30/2011
Rating: Trip Rating
Too much traffic from Wekiwa Island, too many drunken paddlers

   Read krisharney's report

 Date: 1/16/2011
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 7Photos: 8 
(Wekiwa Springs State Park) Launched from Wekiwa State Park and make our way up the Rock Springs Run.

   Read jlstephens08's report

 Date: 1/3/2011
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: ~8Photos: 16 
Another solo paddle. This time kayaked from the Wekiwa State Park to Big Buck Camp site and a little bit more.

   Read darkknight's report

 Date: 12/27/2010
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 9Photos: 20 
A trip from Wekiwa Springs State Park to Indian Mound Camp and back to the State Park.

   Read darkknight's report

 Date: 8/29/2010
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 5.5Photos: 12 
   Read seaofcortezgirl's report
 Date: 8/27/2010
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 5Photos: 9 
(Rock Springs Run from Wekiwa)    Read darkknight's report
 Date: 7/31/2010
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 4.5Photos: 13 
(Wekiva Island)    Read darkknight's report
 Date: 7/23/2010
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 3Photos: 10 
(Wekiwa St Pk/ Rock Springs Run)    Read darkknight's report
 Date: 6/8/2010
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 18.7Photos: 5 
(Wekiva/Rock Springs Run)    Read riverjack's report
 Date: 3/21/2010
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 8+Photos: 19 
   Read Unknown's report
 Date: 1/16/2010
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 8-9Photos: 3 
   Read lynette422001's report
 Date: 9/20/2009
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 8Photos: 22 
   Read Unknown's report
 Date: 1/16/2009
Rating: Trip Rating
Photos: 15 
   Read Unknown's report
 Date: 2/17/2008
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 18Photos: 10 
   Read Unknown's report

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Unknown on 5/2/2011 6:04pm    Look at the bright side Kris, at le...
aloft1961 on 4/19/2011 1:56pm    New to site but have run the Rock S...
hikeswithcanoe on 1/19/2011 8:40am    Thanks for the report Jlstepehens....
paddlesolo on 1/19/2011 5:54am    Always glad to read a new "voi...
admin on 1/19/2011 5:47am    jlstephens- Found your report well...
Unknown on 1/18/2011 7:59pm    Wlecome to my favorite paddle, jste...
Unknown on 8/30/2010 7:06pm    $10! sheesh That's why I paddle up...
darkknight on 8/30/2010 6:23pm    I thought it was $20 per kayak to u...
ed on 8/30/2010 6:03pm    SeaOfCortez - 1,000 tiny spiders on...
seaofcortezgirl on 8/30/2010 5:08pm    Loved the soft shelled turlte pictu...
Unknown on 8/27/2010 6:24pm    Great pic of the soft shell turtle....
paddlesolo on 7/31/2010 7:36pm    What a lovely picture of the wild t...
Unknown on 7/24/2010 5:49pm    DK, the booms, herbicide, and hydri...
darkknight on 7/23/2010 9:16pm    Thanks again YakDave and yes...I no...
Unknown on 7/23/2010 4:26pm    DK, that is a great egret. I think...
paddlesolo on 6/10/2010 6:15pm    If a picture is worth a thousand wo...
riverjack on 6/10/2010 4:24am    Thanks Dave, glad you enjoyed the S...
Unknown on 6/9/2010 7:26pm    Riverjack, great slide show, made m...
dsbike on 3/27/2010 10:49am    YakDave, i am sure we did then. We...
Unknown on 3/26/2010 3:44pm    dsbike, looking at the photo of you...
dsbike on 3/26/2010 3:20pm    YakDave, My wife & I paddled Rock S...
admin on 9/22/2009 5:37am    Dave - I really enjoyed your bear p...
Unknown on 1/22/2009 4:57pm    I noticed that you have the...
paddlesolo on 1/22/2009 6:31am    I noticed that you have the paddle...
admin on 1/21/2009 8:28am    Some really nice deer photos Dave!...
Unknown on 7/5/2008 7:31pm    Saw a bear today, July 5, 2008, whi...

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