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Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge

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The National Wildlife Refuge occupies 6400 acres, roughly half of Sanibel Island. Mangrove lined creeks, shallow bays and open water in Pine Island Sound provide an abundance of paddle places. Plenty of wildlife, bird watching excellent.

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ylw crowned herons
Great egrets
Tri colored heron
ylw crowned heron
Blk crowned heron
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 Date: 12/11/2010
Rating: Trip Rating
Photos: 26 
(Ding Darling Nat'l W'life Refu) My annual winter trip to Sanibel came during cold, windy, foggy weather. I was unable to paddle much on open water, wound up launching from the same spot four days in a row. But, the waters around Sanibel offer diversity, so each day was different

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 Date: 12/12/2009
Rating: Trip Rating
Photos: 14 
I have spent a few days on Sanibel Island every December but two since 1988. Here is the 2009 report

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 Date: 4/11/2009
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 2Photos: 21 
(Commodore Creek) My son Alex and I launched from the Tarpon Bay Explorers concession adjacent to Ding Darling NWR on Sanibel Island. We paddled a marked paddle trail up Commodore Creek. The setting was well used. We wanted a memorable trip.

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 Date: 12/21/2008
Rating: Trip Rating
Photos: 21 
Saturday, December 13 to Saturday December 27, 2008, I spent three weekends, a total of nine days, paddling in and near Sanibel Island. I paddled the Refuge 4 times, thrice putting in at Wildlife Drive, the fourth paddling to Tarpon Bay from the Causeway

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Cmt Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge Commen...Login to Post   
Unknown on 4/19/2009 7:49pm
Everything on Sanibel is overpriced. Avoid the $7 Tarpon Bay fee by launching in the Refuge proper, $5.
Better yet, put in from the Causeway.
admin on 1/3/2009 12:40pm
Look at all those bird photos in Dave's report. I'm envious! What I should be is loading the car and heading to Sanibel.

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