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Egmont Key State Park

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Egmont Key has a unique natural and cultural history, including an 1858 lighthouse and Fort Dade, built to protect Tampa Bay during the Spanish-American war. Swimming, fishing, wildlife viewing, sunning and shell collecting are popular activities.

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No Rock Climbing
Big Ship
Fort Dade
Time Out Room
A Lotta Blue
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 Date: 5/30/2009
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(Egmont Key) An intermediate paddle due to a big channel crossing where ships enter and exit Tampa Bay. It's only a 2 mile paddle, but the waves can get big.

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terryh on 10/15/2009 3:01pm
Your comment of feeding the Gophers is correct, but they can cause you a bloody hand with that bill, they certainly are not harmless.
admin on 6/7/2009 6:02am
Really nice lighthouse shot and it looks like the fort is in good shape. Will need to make the paddle there sometime in the near future.
paddlesolo on 6/7/2009 5:57am
If the Gopher Tortoise was overly friendly and approached you, it is a sign that he has been fed by humans, not a good thing at all. People food is not part of their natural diet, and obviously while one won't get hurt by a tortoise, other animals like alligators can become a menace and have to be destroyed.

On a happier note, those look like perfectly good blueberries to me, just like the ones my brother-in-law grows.

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