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Beakman Lake

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Beakman Lake is part of the St. Johns River Watershed. It is located in Lake County and the Ocala National Forest adjacent to SR 19. Beakman and nearby Grasshopper Lake are used for swimming, fishing and camping. Clear water and protected from wind.

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Beakman Lake
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 Date: 6/12/2009
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Ocala National Forest adjacent to SR 19.

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paddlesolo on 6/13/2009 7:37pm
You could come up and fish the Wacissa. Fish were jumping all over the place, I asked some local guys and they said they were mullet.
admin on 6/13/2009 6:46pm
What, no bass for dinner? Sad You'll have to try Alexander Springs. Seemed like there were plenty of fish in the spring run.

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