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Dora Canal

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Originally named the Elfin River, it was written the Dora Canal is the 'Most beautiful mile of water in the world.' Times change and development at both ends of the 1.25 mile canal detracts a bit. That said, it is a great place for nature photography.

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Lake Eustis
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 Date: 10/4/2009
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 Miles: 3.5Photos: 12 
The Dora Canal is located in Tavares FL between Eustis and Leesburg. The canal connects Lake Eustis and Lake Dora. We put in at the boat ramp on HWY 441 just over the canal.

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admin on 10/7/2009 6:04pm
Beautiful photos. I was just going to ask what kind of camera but I see paddlesolo beat me to that question. We'd love to see more photos of yours.
Unknown on 10/7/2009 5:26pm
The family that yaks together
Has a good time together
( I can't think of anything to rhyme with "yak" or "paddle")
paddlesolo on 10/7/2009 4:48pm
The bird pictures are stunningly spectacular. May I inquire what kind of camera you used? Also loved the silhouette of the kayaker with the color in the remainder of the picture. It was unique.

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