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Long Key State Park

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Halfway between Islamorada and Marathon, this State Park offers camping, bird watching, picnicking and paddling. There are three trails in the Park, two on land, and one, the Long Key Lakes Canoe Trail, on the water

ZIP Code: 33001

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Tri colored heron
Zane Grey Creek
Into the ocean
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 Date: 11/22/2009
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Paddle a marked trail through the "Long Key Lakes" For more adventure, leave the Trail, paddle Zane Grey Creek (named for the author) to the Atlantic. Do it all in 90 minutes. Or more. Or less

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admin on 11/26/2009 7:45am
Dave - Love seeing new locations and now I have one more reason to visit the Keys. Too bad you couldn't get a pic of the sea turtle. Last one I saw was near Anclote and I couldn't get a shot either before it disappeared below the waves.

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