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Econfina River

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Econ fee na River, not to be confused with Econ fine a Creek. Or is it the other way around? The former is a blackwater, tidaly influenced river in the eastern Panhandle, 20 miles or so west of Perry;

ZIP Code: 33326

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 Date: 6/29/2013
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 4-5
(Cabbage Grove Rd to Hwy 98) Very dark water, slow moving and very quiet. Just the kind of paddling I like. It had rained recently and may explain the slow current. Good for beginners and no obstructions.

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 Date: 10/9/2011
Rating: Trip Rating
Photos: 28 
(Econfina River State Park) Talk about being overshadowed. Econfina Creek, 110 miles to tthe west, has 43 posts. The Econfina River, was not even on the Forum's list of places to paddle. Blackwater, strongly inluenced by tides, more limestone than I have ever seen.

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paddlesolo on 10/12/2011 12:26pm
I know members of the ACKC have done sections of this river further upstream. A website from Taylor County this to say about Econfina River "Novices often start out on the Econfina River, which is the namesake for the Econfina River State Park at which it is found. You can access the river near Perry off U.S. Hwy. 98 (the take-out point is an access at S.R. 14). This four-mile run of clear winding waters is about a two-hour trip, part of a 22-mile trail system that begins near Route 20 (we don't recommend beginners trying their luck at most of the other sections on the 22-mile Econfina River Canoe Trail; the currents move awfully fast and even seasoned veterans have found it difficult to stay afloat).
paddlesolo on 10/12/2011 12:18pm
The Creek is pronounced "ee-con-fin-uh" with 4 syllables not 3. That being said, I am happy to now be able to differentiate one as a river and one as a creek.

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