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Anastasia State Park

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Located south of St. Augustine, Anastasia State Park offers easy paddling and great bird viewing in the Salt Run tidal lagoon. Rentals available.

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Castillo San Marcos
Great Egret
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 Date: 9/27/2008
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Subtitle: Anastasia State Park to St. Augustine. Launch from the State Park, paddle a tidal lagoon between sand dunes, then time travel to the 16th century seeing the sites of St Augustine from the same vantage as conquistadors and pirates.

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Unknown on 10/1/2008 5:54pm

Three strikes, I'm out.

Good thing a game is longer than one inning, as I finally got the Trip Report posted.
Unknown on 9/30/2008 5:30pm
Glad to bring memories back. I tried to post a report for the third time, lost that to. Three strikes, I'm out.
paddlesolo on 9/29/2008 8:17pm
You have an obligation to your reading audience to get the report on the Greenwave. O.K, I really did what you suggested and used the link. Wonderful report, and as a certified middle school history teacher, I have tried to mention a few of those things to those students who were listening.

When my youngest son was in 6th grade his aunt got married at the Jean Ribault monument near Jacksonville and we took pictures for his class and he probably said a few sentences about Ft. Caroline. So all the history lesson brought back good memories.
Unknown on 9/29/2008 6:39pm
I am trying to compose a concise version of the report below for the site.

Anastasia to St Augustine

But, after accidently deleting two almost complete versions, it will have to wait.

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