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Aucilla River

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In stark contrast to the nearby Wacissa River, the Aucilla's dark brown waters rush over limestone shoals creating sets of mini rapids. Even more astounding is the river disappears and rises at several points along its way to the Gulf of Mexico.

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Photo by erik

Upstream of US-27
Federal Road Launch
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 Date: 5/27/2012
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(US-27) Dry at US-27 when Lamont gauge was at 45.15.

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paddlesolo on 6/8/2012 9:22am
Thanks, Eric, for the technical information about water levels. The only time I paddled the Aucilla it was nearly flood stage, and we floated all the rocks and karst. I was grateful that our trip guide understood what the optimal paddling level was.
ed on 7/11/2006 9:11pm
Our journey on the Aucilla was brief. Wrong turn on the Wacissa. We missed Slave Canal (go right!) and ended up 4 miles later on the Aucilla. Too late in the day to backtrack, we found a forest service trail and hiked out. Read Wacissa trip report
ed on 7/11/2006 9:11pm
Thinking of paddling Slave Canal or want to try something really adventurous? I am uploading a map on the Wacissa trip, along with GPS coordinates, just in case you too get lost.

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