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Not all locations can be shown on this map as some locations may not have GPS coordinates recorded. Use the list below or page to find more interesting paddling places.

Location Name within Region
Alaqua Creek2863Map6/10/2013
Apalachicola River4403Map11/15/2012
Aucilla River5020Map7/23/2013
Bayou Chico2543Map5/14/2009
Bayou Grande2645Map5/14/2009
Bayou Texar - Pensacola6931 1/1/2007
Bear Creek: 2 Separate Places2614 9/5/2012
Bear Lake3590Map11/13/2006
Big Escambia Creek3043 11/13/2008
Big Juniper Creek6194Map7/16/2015
Big Lagoon State Park5877Map9/15/2009
Big Sabine Point5440Map8/22/2010
Black Creek1411Map1/12/2012
Blackwater River13418Map9/30/2015
Boiling Creek8485Map9/29/2013
Bruce Creek2810Map11/8/2008
Burnt Mill Creek2768Map8/31/2009
Camel Lake2722Map5/12/2009
Cape San Blas3060 7/7/2008
Cash Creek2873Map7/10/2011
Chipola River18065Map3/18/2013
Coldwater Creek8339 6/13/2013
Crooked Creek1902 7/3/2009
Crooked River, Carrabelle1119Map3/11/2013
Dead River1344 3/23/2011
Destin Harbor4022Map6/10/2009
Doyle Creek1897Map9/25/2010
Dry Creek (Lower) - Chipola2854Map1/19/2015
East Bay River2814Map6/28/2010
Econfina Creek22290Map10/22/2014
Econfina River1799 7/1/2013
Escambia River4507 11/2/2008
Fort Pickens4391 7/31/2010
Fundy Bayou2027Map8/7/2009
Gap Lake988 5/21/2012
Graham Creek, Tate's Hell1075Map4/6/2013
Grassy Point1709Map11/16/2010
Grayton Beach State Park4344Map2/18/2007
Gulf Islands National Seashore3536Map4/23/2007
Holmes Creek6331Map11/18/2016
Hurricane Lake4216 10/30/2007
Kennedy Creek1785Map4/11/2010
Krul Lake6450Map6/3/2007
Lafayette Passage Paddling Tr688 8/25/2013
Lake Powell2311Map5/11/2010
Lake Seminole2974Map3/4/2008
Lake Stone2481 11/28/2006
Lake Talquin3612 4/18/2013
Lake Talquin State Park2494 9/9/2009
Little River1363 12/31/2010
Live Oak Creek1224Map1/25/2012
Merritt's Mill Pond6348Map9/11/2012
Mexico Beach-1851Map3/27/2009
Morrison Spring4418Map3/18/2008
Mystic Springs, Fl2692Map2/17/2011
New River Belo Mud Swamp Wildn1804Map9/29/2013
Ocheesee Pond6022Map9/5/2013
Ochlockonee River & Crooked R1208 4/15/2013
Ocklockonee River916Map10/17/2012
Ocklockonee River - Upper1061 12/24/2012
Ocklockonee River-Wood Lake936 12/2/2012
Owl Creek2897Map4/6/2010
Perdido River4775 8/3/2013
Pine Log Creek803Map4/15/2013
Pond Creek - Milton6257Map8/3/2012
River Styx1188Map4/29/2012
Rocky Bayou State Park-3361 2/12/2006
Rocky Creek2982Map8/19/2014
Santa Rosa Island - Pensacola3276 3/16/2006
Seven Runs3426Map5/21/2012
Shoal River4547 4/14/2016
Sopchoppy River2625 5/6/2013
Spring Creek, Marianna4149Map10/21/2012
St. Andrews Bay1705 2/10/2009
St. George Island Bayside1137Map11/1/2011
St. Joseph Bay1626Map12/26/2011
St. Joseph Peninsula St. Park1215 4/22/2012
St. Marks River1850 9/12/2010
Tarklin Bayou Preserve St Park1553Map6/29/2009
Titi Creek2969 6/16/2009
Trout Creek749Map11/30/2012
Turkey Creek6421 6/2/2015
Turkey Hen Creek3123 12/21/2008
Turtle Creek1792Map3/18/2012
Upper Escambia Bay3672 5/20/2007
Wacissa River1290 4/22/2012
Wakulla River4445Map3/9/2013
Wakulla Springs3875Map4/2/2011
Weaver Creek1178Map1/24/2012
Western Lake1495 10/18/2011
Womack Creek3053Map9/27/2013
Wright Lake1485Map4/11/2010
Yellow River3122Map4/16/2012
Yellow River Marsh3055Map9/17/2007
Alapaha River3979 5/22/2016
Amelia Island1939Map9/14/2010
Apalahoochee River1255Map6/9/2012
Aucilla River-3413 6/8/2012
Big Pottsburg Creek3164Map9/16/2011

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