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Morrison Spring

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Hey Florida Spring fans, try this one on for size. A 250-foot in diameter spring pool thatís over 300 feet deep and a ONE MILE LONG spring run. Can you guess where? Itís Morrison Spring on the Choctawhatchee River in Walton County.

Google: Maps Earth  ZIP Code: 32435

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 Date: 3/18/2006
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Iíll have to confess. Iím one of those spring-run fanatics, so when the chance to paddle Morrison Spring came up, I quickly dug out my gear, loaded the car and headed east on I-10. Fortunately, Morrison Spring is easy to find and makes a great trip.

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paddlesolo on 3/18/2008 7:50pm
I finally found a website that explains exactly what is being done to improve Morrison Springs. I will put the information in an article as it is too long to paste here.
paddlesolo on 1/13/2008 12:20pm
A group of paddlers stopped by Morrison's Springs Jan. 12, 2008, after our Seven Runs paddle. The entire area surrounding the spring is under destruction right now. Surely in the future there will be some construction. There is a gate across the entrance and we walked in to take a look at the springs. The entire area was filled with heavy construction equipment and even some type of floating barge in the water. I local couple drove in on a four-wheeler and they said plans include docks and boardwalks along the water. I will try to find out what the time frame for completion of the project is. Paddlesolo

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