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Northwest FL

Welcome to Florida's Emerald Coast. Here you will find great paddling opportunities from coastal islands to clear sand and rock bottom rivers with 30 foot high cliffs.

Florida Cities: Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Tallahassee

Contact: Hi! Frances (paddlesolo) and Greg (gpax) are your experts in Northwest Florida and can help with paddling this region. Email them or post a message in the forums.


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95 Locations in Northwest FL
Alaqua Creekrating295896/10/2013
Apalachicola Riverrating44961511/15/2012
Aucilla Riverrating5136117/23/2013
Bayou Chicorating261735/14/2009
Bayou Granderating272645/14/2009
Bayou Texar - Pensacolarating703231/1/2007
Bear Creek: 2 Separate Placesrating269489/5/2012
Bear Lakerating3652111/13/2006
Big Escambia Creekrating3133711/13/2008
Big Juniper Creekrating6335197/16/2015
Big Lagoon State Parkrating595649/15/2009
Big Sabine Pointrating552948/22/2010
Black Creekrating148721/12/2012
Blackwater Riverrating13653499/30/2015
Boiling Creekrating8625269/29/2013
Bruce Creekrating2882111/8/2008
Burnt Mill Creekrating293975/1/2017
Camel Lakerating281625/12/2009
Cape San Blasrating313827/7/2008
Cash Creekrating296167/10/2011

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