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Northwest FL

Welcome to Florida's Emerald Coast. Here you will find great paddling opportunities from coastal islands to clear sand and rock bottom rivers with 30 foot high cliffs.

Florida Cities: Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Tallahassee


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95 Locations in Northwest FL
Econfina Creekrating240355210/2/2017
Burnt Mill Creekrating354775/1/2017
Holmes Creekrating71411311/18/2016
Shoal Riverrating501284/14/2016
Blackwater Riverrating14546499/30/2015
Big Juniper Creekrating6799197/16/2015
Turkey Creekrating7065296/2/2015
Dry Creek (Lower) - Chipolarating3318111/19/2015
Rocky Creekrating3382108/19/2014
Boiling Creekrating9158269/29/2013
New River Belo Mud Swamp Wildnrating2209189/29/2013
Womack Creekrating3438229/27/2013
Ocheesee Pondrating6535109/5/2013
Lafayette Passage Paddling Trrating104218/25/2013
Perdido Riverrating522398/3/2013
Aucilla Riverrating5547117/23/2013
Econfina Riverrating225047/1/2013
Coldwater Creekrating8859196/13/2013
Alaqua Creekrating334196/10/2013
Sopchoppy Riverrating314985/6/2013

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