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Northeast FL

Welcome to the First Coast. Stretching from Amelia Island on the Atlantic to Big Bend on the Gulf, you'll find history just bubbling from the ground in hundreds of prime paddling destinations.

Florida Cities: Jacksonville, Gainesville, Crystal River


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35 Locations in Northeast FL
Withlacoochee River (North)rating976245/22/2016
Gum Sloughrating6439137/16/2012
Ichetucknee Springs And Riverrating57901811/1/2011
Suwannee Riverrating5567186/24/2015
Crystal Riverrating5505208/8/2011
Santa Fe Riverrating5064125/22/2016
Wacissa Riverrating494586/7/2012
Manatee Springs State Parkrating478377/27/2009
Alapaha Riverrating445045/22/2016
Rainbow Riverrating43811011/5/2011
Madison Blue Springs-415716/23/2006
Homosassa Riverrating4029712/28/2011
Aucilla River-377346/8/2012
Big Pottsburg Creekrating359159/16/2011
Pott Springrating357936/25/2006
Halls Riverrating3265312/9/2008
Lower Suwannee Nwrrating321129/10/2010
Cedar Keysrating3117128/2/2012
Steinhatchee Fallsrating245156/7/2012
Amelia Islandrating232829/14/2010

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