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Northeast FL

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35 Locations in Northeast FL
Middle Prong St. Mary’s Riverrating92716/16/2012
North Prong St. Mary's River-89116/16/2012
Pott Springrating341936/25/2006
Pumpkin Hill Creekrating2163610/1/2009
Rainbow Riverrating42081011/5/2011
Santa Fe Riverrating4841125/22/2016
Sisters Creekrating145327/6/2011
St Marys Riverrating178933/19/2016
Steinhatchee Fallsrating224656/7/2012
Suwannee Riverrating5291186/24/2015
Swift Creekrating92926/15/2012
Thomas Creekrating87723/11/2016
Waccasassa Riverrating203849/9/2010
Wacissa Riverrating476886/7/2012
Withlacoochee River (North)rating945145/22/2016

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