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Central FL

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62 Locations in Central FL
Geneva / St. Johnsrating151677/28/2009
Hatbill Parkrating180016/25/2010
Haulover Canalrating9395486/1/2013
Haw Creek Preserverating192346/23/2010
Helena Runrating218521/2/2011
Hontoon Island State Parkrating4256135/31/2014
Indian River Lagoonrating285886/23/2010
Juniper Springsrating98191310/3/2010
Ksc Banana River Nomotorzonerating1419211/2/2009
Lake Ashbyrating149826/17/2010
Lake Eustis-85501/3/2011
Lake Griffin State Parkrating175411/2/2011
Lake Harris-103801/3/2011
Lake Kissimmee State Parkrating184164/13/2010
Lake Norrisrating306089/4/2012
Lake Rosalierating196184/12/2010
Mosquito Lagoonrating286662/28/2011
Oklawaha Riverrating2623410/24/2013
Pelican Island Nwrrating1646410/19/2009
Ponce Inletrating245528/17/2008

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