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Southwest FL

Welcome to Southwest Florida and the Sun Coast. We have great weather, tropical environment, incredible coastal and river paddling and environmentally friendly. All this and more!

Florida Cities: Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Naples

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52 Locations in Southwest FL
Alafia Riverrating7184102/13/2010
Anclote Keyrating9269148/15/2011
Anclote Riverrating3645310/19/2010
Anna Maria Soundrating237938/15/2009
Big Cypress National Preserve-338704/14/2007
Braden Riverrating227669/20/2010
Caladesi Islandrating7981152/13/2011
Cayo Costa State Parkrating542264/22/2010
Chassahowitzka Riverrating5863214/4/2011
Cockroach Bayrating518636/13/2008
Crews Lake Wilderness Park-316328/2/2009
Ding Darling Wildlife Refugerating3131612/17/2010
Don Cesar Islandrating2772311/1/2008
Dunedin Causewayrating264574/5/2011
Dunedin Spoil Islandsrating7493111/10/2012
Durney Keyrating634327/10/2008
E.G. Simmons Parkrating2059512/17/2009
Egmont Key State Parkrating2981410/15/2009

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