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Southeast FL

Welcome to the Gold Coast and Florida's Keys. From Miami to the Conch Republic, Southeast Florida offers incredible paddling in a tropical and Caribbean-island environment. Includes Everglades National Park.

Florida Cities: Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Pierce, Key West


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30 Locations in Southeast FL
Key Westrating454535/13/2011
Fort Pierce Inlet State Parkrating105816/3/2016
Key Largorating2410311/26/2009
10,000 Islandsrating3979102/27/2012
Munyon Islandrating217715/3/2010
Indian River Lagoonrating3061712/31/2011
Peanut Islandrating140117/24/2010
Biscayne Bayrating208029/16/2010
No Name Keyrating1987111/30/2010
Intracoastal Waterwayrating214431/16/2012
Atlantic Oceanrating184522/7/2013
Marquesas Keysrating263219/9/2009
St. Lucie Inletrating222558/29/2011
Indian River - Sebastianrating260338/24/2009
Everglades National Parkrating5661192/15/2014
Pepper Park State Recreation Arating302328/23/2009
West Lake Parkrating163539/9/2009
Dry Tortugas National Parkrating350633/27/2013
Biscayne National Parkrating383433/12/2010
Loxahatchee Riverrating3987105/23/2011

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