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Upcoming Hike

Post By:dragonfly on 7/9/2007 12:25pm
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I hope you all get in some water time while I am out in the heat on the trail, searching for water!!

I will be hiking 350 miles from North Mt in VA to the Tuscarora Trail. From there I will hike to the C&O Towpath Trail in MD, onto the Standing Stones Trail, formerly called the Link Trail up into PA. In PA I will be hiking on the Mid-State Trail.

All of these trails grouped together are part of a longer trail called the Great Eastern Trail (GET).

I started out my hike back at the beginning of April with hopes of being the first GET Thru-hiker. Only to realize 2 months and 450+ miles later that the trail was just not yet ready for a thru-hiker.

Not wanting to blow the whole hike and being asked to give more feedback to the GET Committee, I decided to go back out there. This time I am going with a friend, another FL gal that also kayaks (we have done 1/2 the Suwanee together).

So wish us luck and pray we have no real water issue. This summer heat and lack of real rain has caused a lot of the normal water sources to dry up.

I look forward to returning, after a successful hike and getting together with some of this group for some fun in the sun on the WATER.

Dragonfly (water name) / Hammock Hanger (trail name)

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RE: Upcoming Hike
Post By: admin on 7/9/2007 2:55pm

Sounds fabulous. Let us know when you get back.

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