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Hello From Dragonfly...

Post By:dragonfly on 7/9/2007 1:05pm
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Cool Hey guys, I just found this site, thanks to Dawn.

I'm an addicted long-distance hiker but my husband would be happier if I kept my feet off the trail and put my butt in the kayak a little more. He can't get away from work to hike much with me (somebody has to finance my trips.) He does like to kayak whenever possible as it is something we both love and can do together. I would love for him to meet you all, then when my addiction takes me away to the trail, he would have some friends to kayak with.

We both have Wilderness, Pungo 140's. Yeap, they are the big long ones, but we fill them to the brim when we go on week long kayak trips. Unlike when backpacking we can bring all the bells and whistles and comforts of home.

Have any of you kayaked in the Okefenokee?? It is magnificent. I'm not sure how it looks now that it burned all spring but I figure that can only make it more open. I would love to put together a spring or fall outing there if there is an interest. I will post this in the forums and see what response I get.

Hope to meet a lot of you out on the water when I get back from the trail.

Sue/Dragonfly/Hammock Hanger Grin

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RE: Hello From Dragonfly...icon
Post By: tinman on 5/7/2010 3:16pm


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RE: Hello From Dragonfly...icon
Post By: beachwalker on 7/10/2007 9:57am

I'm getting a 12 pungo myself and will be going on this weekends trip. Would love to talk more about a fall trip with you guys

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RE: Hello From Dragonfly...
Post By: admin on 7/9/2007 6:01pm

Hey Sue!!! And a big welcome to you and Jeb.

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