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Time To Camp 10-26

Post By:admin on 10/19/2007 2:38pm
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We have a few folks going up to Lake Eaton off 314 in Marion county next weekend for a Harvest Moon Camp/Paddle trip.
Anyone wanting to join in, call me. It was sorta a secret but I cant keep my big mouth shut. I love to camp and paddle....
Dawn 706-280-0296

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RE: Time To Camp 10-26
Post By: admin on 10/30/2007 1:14pm

The weekend was a nice getaway. It was overcast and a little rainy the whole weekend but it was relaxing.
There was about 20 folks that came up. Saturday am, Bluegill, Trailtalker and myself headed out for a 2 mile hike around Lake Eaton sinkhole. That was very interesting. We then headed out with the group to paddle Lake Eaton. Well.....that wasnt so interesting. They had just sprayed the lake to kill off the hydrilla and it killed a lot of fish. It stunk, the paddling was hard because of all the hydrilla.
I actually had a run in with a local gator. He was only about 3-4 foot long but he didnt seem to like me putting my paddle in the water next to my boat and right over his head. He twirled around and slapped the front of my boat with his tail. SCARED the bajebies out of me...
Later that evening we huddled around a little campfire and ate cupcakes that kayakkrazie made. YUM YUM.
The group grilled dog and burgers and we had pot luck supper and it was the best outdoor food you could have ate...YUM YUM AGAIN.

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