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Fall Gathering Nov 16-18

Post By:admin on 10/28/2007 12:15pm
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Juniper Springs. See the calendar.

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RE: Fall Gathering Nov 16-18
Post By: admin on 11/20/2007 6:31am

Well that was amazing! I had the time of my little outdoor life.

Starting with Thursday, I arrived at the campground to meet with Deb, Texkittie. We set up camp then headed to Walmart...(thats right), we had to by another stove and some more items that we knew we would need to feed this crew....

We got some rednecks...real redecks to deliver us a truck of split wood and we had a great fire. Next day, some of the folks started rolling in. The steak dinner was fabulous Slow...thank you so much.

The breakfast Saturday and Sunday was good as well. The paddle down the Juniper was the best I have ever had. So nice and calm.....YEAH RIGHT...Deb learned how to really paddle a kayak...

It was so pretty and the temps were awesome. It was cold at night but we all survived.

It was sure nice meeting all of you and I want to say now, I hope we have a Christmas party....that would be swell.


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RE: Fall Gathering Nov 16-18
Post By: admin on 11/6/2007 3:39am

I will be at Juniper at 8 am when the gates open. If anyone is needing a campsite and cannot make it up there this early to reserve one, call me and I can make arrangements for you.

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