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About Lake County Paddlers                             

Dawn Trail ~ LCP Administrator

My name is Dawn Trail. I put this site together to get local and not so local folks out of the house and into the water. It is free for all to enjoy. Here is a little bit about us.

We're a non-profit group of recreational paddlers with the goal of helping other paddlers understand and manage the risks involved in canoeing and kayaking, through peer learning and community interaction.

We believe strongly in the need for personal responsibility and safety on the water while supporting each other so we may build our skills and become more responsible paddlers.

Most group activities combine the fun of paddling with the joy of learning and helping other members and guests.

We don't just limit ourselves to the waterways. Some of us are avid hikers/backpackers with the desire to be outdoors. It is not uncommon for us to post a trip at a moments notice so be ready to go!

Our desires are to have fun and help others in the process. This site is for all to enjoy and share events, paddles, hikes and camping trips.

So, if you think you may benefit from our group, register and become active. Go to our forums and post up on "Welcome new members" page telling us all about yourself.

Going paddling, want a partner? Post it...

Have fun and stay safe.     

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Dawn Trail, Founder/Admin

Chris Dimock, Secretary