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Hi, I'm Papatom08.

Born and raised in Leesburg. Real estate business for over 40 years. Avid paddler for over 11 years... Like fishing, golf and anything happening on the water. I joined Lake County Paddlers on 7/5/2011 and since then filed 2 reports with 0 photos. My hometown is Leesburg, FL.

My Most Recent Report

7/5/2011 Ocklawaha River Run (Silver River)

A wonderful, scenic, and peaceful run from the County Park on SR 40 just East of the Silver Springs attraction up the river to the headwater at the spring.

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My Trip Journal
 7/5/2011Ocklawaha River Run (Silver River)100Trip Rating
 7/5/2011Ocklawaha River Run (Silver River)100Trip Rating

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