Alexander Springs Run Report

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Report By:  raymondig    Date: 6/18/2008 
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Five kyaks a full day lots of fun and a lifetime to remember the fun we had...

My Report:

We started our day at 9:00 am as myself,my ten year old Rebeka and 20 year old Matthew along with my brother-n-law Phil and his grandson Mikeah. We werent sure of the exit point so we asked the rangers who gave us a map and said we would have to turn around to return as the shuttle was not running that day. So unsure of how this would turn out we launched 5 kayaks and started our jurney. As we turned the first corner we knew we would have a great trip. The water was beutiful we saw lots of gators a racoon and a deer. we stopped at a bridge about an hour into the trip and snacked and swam. We than took off again thru lots of grass and after a long time we saw houses along the East side of the river than we were in some deep woods for a while. We finally stopped for some lunch and had to stand on the side of the river in some thick woods, after looking at the map we figured we were about six miles up and the young ones were ready to turn back, so away we went. When we arrived back to the houses or cabbins we stopped and swam on one of the docks for about an hour than we headed back, after an hour of paddling against the current my ten year old and the six year old were tired so we tied thier kayaks to ours and continued back to the park. When we aproached the bridge again we saw for the first time on our trip another kayaker. Soon we turned the bend were we started and the trip was over. We swam at the spring for a while than loaded up and left. It was soon after we left that it started to rain. We had timed the day perfect.

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Location Data:

Distance (miles): 12
Fees/Costs $: 4.00 per person

Post Date: 7/16/2008

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