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Report By:  admin    Date: 7/4/2007 
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From the intersection of Hwy 40 and Hwy 19, go west approximately 4.5 miles to Juniper Springs Recreation.

My Report:

What a great time Dvan and I had on the Juniper Run. We only passed 4 canoes the whole day.

Juniper Run
It was over cast with rain off and on but it made the temps quite nice. The water was clear until the second spring then the tainted water made it interesting. More trees were down making this trip an obstacle course. One downed tree made it impossible for a canoe to pass without getting out of the canoe. In kayaks, we had to slide down into our kayak and actually turn our heads to the side to pass under the tree. That was close.
A gator was surpised by Danny's arrival around a bend. He wanted to head to the shore but could'nt then saw the kayak approaching so he took the path of least resistance and went under Dan's kayak. (of course at this time I am praying not to fall out of the boat)! Crazy
I think it excited Dan a bit too.
This was the best trip on the Juniper that I have ever had. No time for a leisure paddle. It was manuver around trees the entire 7 miles. The current was very swift because the recent rains made the river rise. It was flowing very fast.
All who missed it, missed out on a very interesting day.

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Location Data:

Distance (miles): 7.5
Fees/Costs $: $4.00 day

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Juniper Run No Comm
Juniper Run

Post Date: 7/5/2007

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