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Report By:  admin    Date: 3/6/2009 
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South of Homossassa at the Gulf of Mexico.

My Report:

I got there Friday for the campout and paddle weekend on the "Chaz", as it is know by locals.

I met up with Barry and Connie and soon to follow was Dawn and Paul. Paul has been a local to the Chaz so his help was great. Kinda like our own personal tour guide.
Saturday we were met by Ed and Dawn...that's right, THREE Dawns! Cool
Myself, Ed, Dawn and Barry took off from the boat ramp around 9:45 am. Not too crowded but it was obvious the fishing was great there as the fishermen were coming in steady.
Our first beautiful sight was just off from the ramp. A momma manatee and her calf. How awesome that was.
We headed to the first spring of many along the Chaz. What an awesome sight. It was a cavern that upon entering, you could swim through a hole and come out about 15 feet away.
Further up the crystal clear river was a spring called Bairds Creek. Now this was an awesome treat. Due to the tide being out it was a little shallow but we managed to paddle most of the way up to a point that we could walk in some beautiful water to our calves and ankles with a nice sandy bottom. Leaving the kayaks behind, we headed up to the spring and was met by a cool swimming hole. Dawn and I played in the water while Ed perched himself on a drooping palm that ledged over the springs. He got splinters is all I will say. Crazy
After playing there we hit a hole called Blue Sink which was home to a 10' gator as previously seen by Ed.
From there we headed to several other side creeks that went off the main river. All of which were well worth the visit.
I must say, the trip up to Potters Spring was the BEST...If you have a kayak over 14'....forget it. You will not make the sharp S curves ahead. The current strong and rushing, creek only about 4 foot in width was truely challenging but well worth it. We got up to the spring and found a crevice that seemed to go forever. Crystal clear, about 2 feet wide, we stood on the ledge of this crevice and just stared down into the blue waters. A log draped horizonally across the spring which was perfect to sit on for eating my lunch. Other kayakers joined us as some got in and tested the cool waters.
Paddling back was just as nice. The current was with us as the tide came back in and the wind to our backs made paddling a breeze. Smile
This river is a must see for any paddler.
There was so many spots to camp along the river as well.
We camped at the Chassahowitzka River Campground which is county operated and I must say....I wont be back to camp.
Overpriced, cramped and crowded, the facilities seems run down and inadequate.
This trip was excellent other than that.

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Salt Spring Run No Comm
Salt Spring Run
Run to Potter Spring No Comm
Run to Potter Spring
The Stork No Comm
The Stork

Getting up close to nature.

Fun in the springs No Comm
Fun in the springs

Swimming the Seven Sisters Spring

Collision Avoidance No Comm
Collision Avoidance

The run going down to Potter's Spring.

Dawn3 No Comm

Swimming in the Crack.


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Special InterestsChassahowitzka River National Wildlife Refuge

Post Date: 3/9/2009

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