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Report By:  jandbrare    Date: 6/12/2009 
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Residential community lake—private.

My Report:

Dawn graciously invited me to come fish on the private neighborhood lake. I didn't paddle far, 1.3 miles, total. See the screen print of the GPS track.

I began fishing as soon as I launched and soon caught a small Bass. Dawn went ahead before starting to fish.

I was supposed to be the teacher, but she caught one that made mine look like a minnow. See the picture. She employed a presentation technique that I was not familiar with. She said she cast her plastic worm to the roof of a boat house and slowly pulled it off of the roof. When it fell into the water adjacent to the boat-house pilings, a Bass swallowed it and ran right toward her boat. Only then did she feel it on the line as it struggled some. (I don't know why it didn't just jump in her boat, as it was surely fate that caused her to catch it.)

This was Dawn's first catch fishing from a Kayak, so she was not sure what to do with paddle, rod, and only two hands, so I assisted by lifting the exhausted fish from the water. I pick a Bass up by pinching the lower lip between my thumb and curled fore finger. I transferred the fish to Dawn who held it the same way while I took pictures with her cell-phone camera and then mine. After the picture taking, she released the fish.

We fished on and both managed to catch another Bass, each.

At one point it began to rain and we took shelter under a vacant boat house—very convenient.

East Crooked Lake is a very pretty lake surrounded by large, beautiful homes. It is not weed choked, but has enough shoreline grass to provide cover for the Bass. Oddly, there are no Lily Pads.

Now that Dawn is a seasoned fisherlady, she might extend an invitation to you, but remember, fishermen and ladies are quite protective of their fishing territory.

Submitted by Jerry

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Fishing in East Crooked Lake

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Fishing in East Crooked Lake

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Fishing in East Crooked Lake


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Special InterestsI only rated it a 3 (Good) because I was out fished by a novice.

Post Date: 6/12/2009

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