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Report By:  admin    Date: 9/15/2007 
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Canaveral National Sea Shore east coast.

My Report:

Trailtalker, Bluegill, Dan, and myself went to the lagoon Saturday for a nice paddle. As soon as we put in at the ramp, we had dolphin and manatee all around us. I got a shot of a manatee as he surfaced, but for a fat ole boy, he was quick...

We paddled the canoe trail, not much to say about that, but it was ok, then we got out in the lagoons and say all kinds of fish and dolphin.....I liked being out there much better.
We then headed to campsite #1 where we were greeted by about 2000 mosquitos on land. We quickly jumped in the ocean and that is where we stayed for about one hour. We had a blast just cooling off and chatting in the chest high waters. What a pretty day it was.

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Manatee No Comm

Got a shot of this big guy but for a fat ole boy, he was quick.

Post Date: 9/20/2007

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