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Not all locations can be shown on this map as some locations may not have GPS coordinates recorded. Use the list below or page to find more interesting kayaking places.

Location Name within Region
Alexander Springs Run5713 2/28/2012
Chassahowitzka River2751 3/10/2009
Crystal River3075Map7/29/2008
East Crooked Lake2812Map6/12/2009
Flat Island Preserve Leesburg3540 11/29/2009
Florida Fall Gathering3222 11/20/2007
Juniper Run5750 9/1/2009
Lake Miona3575Map7/4/2008
Lake Sellers/beckman2667 9/23/2008
Mosquito Lagoon4014 10/18/2007
Ocklawaha River Run4305 7/5/2011
Rodman Dam/Ockawaha River5740 7/10/2007
Silver Glenn Springs3164 12/12/2009
Lake Eaton, Ocala Outdoor Camp3410 10/30/2007
Sante Fe River4142 5/6/2008
Silver River State Park2708 9/22/2008