Florida Paddlers' Rendezvous

Florida Paddlers' Rendezvous 2012 Forms

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( This link has been  disabled, the event is passed and closed)

DOWNLOAD Registration Packet Here! 

  • Paddler Information
  • Insurance Waiver
  • Trip Selections
  • Shirt information

Remember to submit 1 packet for each paddler.

Youth (under 18 years old) must be with their parent or guardian.  A  Registration package is needed for each youth who will participate.

If you are not getting into a boat, registration is not required.

Trip Pamphlets

For those of you that are joining us we have a trip pamphlets for you to download.


Apalachicola River (Ocheesee to Bristol) Pamphlet style

Apalachicola River (Ocheesee to Bristol) Letter

Dry Creek:

Dry Creek, Pamphlet

Dry Creek, Letter

Chipola River:

Chipola (Yancy to Magnolia) Pamphlet

Chipola (Yancy to Magnolia) Letter

Chipola (Peacock to Look n Tremble) Pamphlet

Chipola (Peacock to Look n Tremble) Letter

Lower Chipola (Hwy20 to Scott's Bridge) pamphlet

Lower Chipola (Hwy20 to Scott's Bridge) Letter

Holmes Creek:

Holmes Creek (Cotton to Fanning) Pamphlet

Holmes Creek (Cotton to Fanning) Letter

Ocheesee Pond:

Ocheesee Pond Pamphlet

Ocheesee Pond Letter   

Middle Econfina Creek:

Middle Econfina Creek (Livery-hwy 20 to 388) Pamphlet

Middle Econfina Creek (Livery-hwy 20 to 388) Letter