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 FS: 17 Foot Scorpio Sea Kayak08966/14/2016 veraskid3
 FS: Scupper Pro, Sit On Top, 14' 9 08985/3/2015 dick
 FS: Wilderness Systems Sealution Xs012465/3/2015 dick
 FS: Wilderness Systems Piccolo, Sit010215/3/2015 dick
 FS: Tandem Canoe014432/26/2014 kramerja
 FS: Wenonah Vagabond Solo Canoe224229/23/2013 joebh
 FS: Corona Inflatable Kayak W/Pump 011399/21/2013 yebbasue
 FS: Wilderness Systems Kayak, 15.5'010995/12/2013 duke
 WTB: Hurricane Santee 135 Or Tampic09604/21/2013 wodowns
FS: Necky Kayak013672/9/2012 Unknown
TRADE: Kayak0128812/25/2011 Unknown
FS: Mohawk Fiberglass Canoe, 17'0142211/26/2011 Unknown
 FS: Canoe & Accessories020608/28/2010 Unknown
 FS: Ocean Kayak 15'122438/20/2010 Unknown
 FS: Custom Kayak021305/26/2009 Unknown