How the Club Works

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We don't have a lot of rules and regulations, but there are a few practices designated to make everything easier for all of us. This information sheet will tell you how the club operates and what opportunities are available to you as a member. If you have questions after you've read it, please ask: we'll be glad to help.

MEETINGS - Our general meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. A social half-hour is scheduled from 6:30 to 7 p.m. The meeting begins promptly at 7 and ends no later than 9 p.m. Afterward, several go to socialize at the meeting-after-the-meeting at Applebee's, Forest Hill and Jog Road. The business meetings are held on the last Monday of each month, 7:30 pm at the City of West Palm Beach Fire Station No. 2, Dixie south of Southern. All members are welcome to attend. Coming to meetings, getting acquainted with members, and occasionally offering to help out are great ways to become part of the group and get to know your fellow members.

TRIPS AND ACTIVITIES - We have lots of trips and activities throughout the year: day and overnight paddling and hiking trips, picnics, social gatherings, bicycling and snorkeling trips, etc. One thing we ask you to bear in mind when you sign up for a trip is that you are responsible for yourself. The Club is not an outfitter: we don't provide food and equipment for participants. (See below about equipment.) You must provide for yourself. Most trips will be rated leisurely, moderate or strenuous, and recommendations about a participant's skill level may be made. Trip coordinators are always ready to help with suggestions. Be honest with yourself about your abilities. It's always great to try something new, and we encourage that, but if you get yourself in over your head, you may well cause difficulties for the entire group. Please remember to bring your own first aid kit on each trip. It's also important to be on time for group starts, so as not to inconvenience those who made the effort to be on time.

NON MEMBER PARTICIPATION ON TRIPS - We invite non members to join in our TRIPS and other ACTIVITIES to get a feel for how the club operates, get to know some members and to get a feel for the club in general.  However, we limit the number of trips that you may take before joining to two trips.  By that time you should have a good feel for whether you want to become a club member or not.

SIGN-UP SHEETS AND RELEASES - Sign-up sheets are available at the meetings, or you can contact the trip coordinator. It's your responsibility to note the name, email, phone, and to contact him/her to confirm or cancel. At that time, you'll be given the final details and trip arrangements. When you meet for the trip, you'll be asked to sign a "Participant Responsibility Release," asking for emergency contact information.

TRIP COORDINATING - Anyone can organize trips for fellow members; it's mostly a question of deciding location and time. Ask one of the experienced coordinators to mentor you; we're glad to help.

EQUIPMENT - We have three canoes, complete with paddles, life jackets and car-topping gear, a couple of backpacks and tents, and other miscellaneous equipment for use by our members, free of charge. Call the Vice President to find out who's keeping what equipment. Your trip coordinator can tell you what you need.

TRIP FILE - We maintain a box of information on various trips. It may also contain put-in/take-out spots, shuttle information, etc. Also in the box are brochures from all sorts of places; bring some back from your next outing.

CLUB TEE SHIRTS, ETC. - We have a small assortment of attractive club tee-shirts for sale at the meetings, as well as decals for your vehicle, canoe or kayak.

NEWSLETTER - This is published immediately following each meeting; the deadline is the night of the meeting. Phone, email or mail information to the editor or turn it in at the meeting.

WEBSITE - Our website contains information on activities as well as other information pertinent to the club. Find it at "".

SCRAPBOOKS/PHOTO ALBUMS - We have several books full of photos of club activities. New photos can be email or sent to our Photo Archivist.

CONSERVATION - The club takes an active part in conservation. In addition to helping out with various clean-up projects, we have monthly raffles and a Special Annual Raffle with major prizes to raise money for the Conservation Fund. This money is disbursed annually, as determined by the Conservation Committee, sometimes for education of young people or donated to certain like-minded organizations.

POLITICS - The Club has a policy of not becoming involved in political issues and does not endorse candidates. We urge members to become informed, involved and to vote.

WHO TO ASK - Your club directory lists all member and their contacts, as well as the front-page list of officers, directors, committee chairs, and other helpful people. Consult it and contact the appropriate person with your questions, ideas, etc.

VOLUNTEERS - As we mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to become part of any group, other than just paying your dues, is to do something: come on a trip, volunteer to help with something, just be active. The club depends on volunteers to earn our rent at Okeeheelee and provide club activities. Occasionally, we hear the comment that there's a clique within the club. Well, there is: those who participate and those who don't.