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Info For Military Vets

Post By:pemsit on 12/25/2010 7:27pm
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Special information for Veterans that live in the state of Florida and or have VA disability.

If you are Military active/retired duty, or veteran you may qualify for a discount for park entrance fee and maybe for camping fees

Active or retired vets may receive 25% off of entrance fees, you will need a Florida Drivers License and your DD-214 and if you have a disability from the military ‘proof required’ you may obtain a lifetime pass for free entrance into any Florida State Park

If you have the National park Access Pass then you may use it to obtain 50% off of camping fees in Florida State Parks.

Find further information in the following links.

Also did you know that you may receive additional $5,000.00 on homestead exemption if you have a disability from the military.

Lou Cook

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RE: Info For Military Vets
Post By: paddlesolo on 2/6/2011 6:35am

One also get 50% off camping in Florida State Parks if you are a Florida resident and over 65.

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