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Master Naturalist Coastal Systems Course

Post By:wildman on 7/29/2015 7:40pm
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Master Naturalist Coastal Systems Course
Leon Co Extension - registration is open!
Greetings Panhandle Outdoors LIVE! participants:
Registration is open for the Leon Extension/Tallahassee Museum's Summer-Fall
2015 Florida Master Naturalist Coastal Systems course. The course starts Friday
AUG 14th and concludes Friday NOV 6th.
See more details in the attached flyer. You are welcome to post, put in newsletters
and pass on to others who might be interested.
For more information about the course schedule and syllabus, and to register, go
to: (click on Coastal Systems then Leon
Registration Deadline: August 10, 2015 or when full. (There are 9 of 24
seats in the class remaining.)
These are the field trips that Leon Master Naturalist Coastal Systems course
participants will be experiencing:
AUG 28 - St. Joseph Peninsula State Park & St. Joe Bay (snorkel)
SEPT 11 - Gulf Specimen Marine Lab & Goose Creek Bay (paddle)
OCT 2 - FSU Coastal & Marine Lab (including field trip on boats)
OCT 30 - St. Marks River Estuary (tidal cycle field trip on boats)
Thanks for helping us spread the word, and it would be great to have you in this
class yourself!
Questions? Contact Rosalyn Kilcollins at (850) 570-8889 or
Best regards,
Will Sheftall and Rosalyn Kilcollins, Co-instructors

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