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Military intrusion into Blackwater River State

 Forest and Tate's Hell State Forest.

The following links will give update on the Military's use of Blackwater Forest & Tate's Hell Forest.  If you value your use of these areas, I highly suggest you get involved.  It is not the public's fault the government did not plan well or manage the large areas they already use.

Below are the websites with very informative information:    Blog in praise of our forests.       GRASI info posted by concerned citizens.  

Please write to this address if you would like to post pertinent info on either of the two blogs listed above or have any questions or suggestions.   
Official GRASI website published by Eglin AFB    
pgs. 22-55   
December 2012 meeting between:
Gov. Scott,
DEP's Sec. Vinyard 
Eglin AFB Asst. Sec. Yonkers
Eglin AFB Brig. Gen. Harris