Dry Creek Report
(Mystic Spring to SR73 Bridge)

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Report By:  gpax    Date: 11/16/2008 
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5 mile 2.5 hours. Spring fed creek in a remote area. Pristine crystal clear water, beautiful aquatic plants in the upper part, bull rush reed shallow Spring Lake, wildlife area.

My Report:

Sunday morning was the third and final paddle of our weekend retreat in Jackson County [Marianna]. The chill settled in from a cold front. Paddlers bundled up for a cool but comfortable day paddling down Dry Creek.

On her scouting trip Frances Stone found a tree blocking passage down Dry Creek that needed a canoe sized opening. Four people paddled early in order to cut the opening: Bob Andrews who welded the chain saw, Carole Hawkins who did duty with a hand saw, Joan Grey, who toted kayaks on her trailer, and Jim, Carole's friend from Huntsville. After Bob worked his magic, he paddled on ahead of the group where he saw several deer and two coyotes.

In the meanwhile the main shuttle gathered at Florida Caverns State Park. Wes and Jane Mosteller led. Seven members of the WFCKC club and six members of the Apalachee Club from Tallahassee formed the main group. The trip covered 5 miles in 2.5 hours of paddling time.

The drive to the put-in was on private land (paddlers have permission from the owner to use the put-in as long as the area is kept clean) down a jeep type trail with deeply eroded ruts. Jim Parker and Greg Pack took a path across a field and explored another route to the put in. Jim surveyed the situation closely and observed a down tree across the creek just below the put in. He advised Greg to save himself some trouble and put in DOWN stream below the tree. So Greg positioned his boat and gear accordingly. When Greg got back from the shuttle Jim advised him that the paddle starts by going UP stream. So Greg had to get some help and drag his boat under a big water pipe to go UP stream with everyone else.

Paddling up stream through a tiny clear creek opened to a deep blue huge spring like flow. The aquatic plants were lush and pretty. The water opened through a section of bull rush reeds and remerged in a larger shallow area of crystal clear water and green aquatic plants known as Spring Lake. Nearly everyone dragged bottom. Boats were pulled by the painter for a few yards until the creek was a little deeper. The path cut by Bob though the tree across the creek was just enough to get boats through.

The creek was crystal clear. Fish could be seen clearly. The width stayed about 25 feet. A couple schools of mullet darted under boats. Around the corner flocks of wood ducks flew up and away. Two old hornet nests were seen in trees. Trees had the color of late fall. Cypress trees, cypress knees, Spanish moss, ferns and palmetto bushes lined the creek. No camps or houses were seen until almost at the take out.

Dry Creek was pristine and at times breathtaking. The area was wild. Clear water revealed a sand bottom with roots and tree debris clearly visible. Water tint varied with depth of the creek but the water was always as clear as most swimming pools. Dry Creek was a remarkable place to paddle.

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Distance (miles): 5.0
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Photos from Mystic Spring to SR73 Bridge:    (Click image to view full size)

Dry Creek No Comm
Dry Creek

Dry Creek is a clear pristine wild creek fed by springs.

Blue Water No Comm
Blue Water

We start going upstream to a large deep out flow.

Spring Lake No Comm
Spring Lake

The stream gets wid and shallow and becomes Spring Lake.

Bull Rushes No Comm
Bull Rushes
Spring Lake No Comm
Spring Lake
Dry Creek No Comm
Dry Creek
Dry Creek No Comm
Dry Creek

Clear water

Dry Creek No Comm
Dry Creek

Clear water

New path cut No Comm
New path cut

Bob cut a new path through a downed tree.

Cypress Knees No Comm
Cypress Knees
Wood duck boxes No Comm
Wood duck boxes
School of Fish No Comm
School of Fish
Fla Caverns SP No Comm
Fla Caverns SP

Wes and Jane pack up to go home.

Put in No Comm
Put in

Last 50 yards is 4WD country

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